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My name is Katlyn and I am 24, a Taurus!

I love art, and I love creating it.

I do digital photography and poetry, I also do traditional art, such as drawing, print making, water paintings, ceramics, etc. My newest pursuit is Digital Art, using the Paint Tool SAI system! Its mostly all self taught so far, and i only have the basics of the brushes because i cant figure out how to put in more, but things are going okay :D

My sexuality? Well they have a little story for people like me. I'm the type of person who can go up to anyone and stick my hand down their pants and be happy with what I find :D
My Appearance? Look up stupid.
My Personality? Well you'll just have to make an effort there to know :dance:
Anything else? We'll find out! :heart:

Current Residence: Southern Wisconsin
Personal Quote: Honest Over Love

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So for the past few days I've been rereading a bdsm fanfiction story that I really like. It is very well written and feels like it's handled in a very healthy way for that relationship to go, doing a good job of taking us through it all. I've personally have very little if you can even call it experience in that world but on occasion I really enjoy reading it. While rereading the story I got to the part where the Dom told the Sub that the reason she was so turned on by being punished was because she was so in control everywhere else in her life and turning off her brain and giving her trust to him made her excited. That she enjoyed the marks he left because she could wear her anxiety on her skin and cleanse herself with punishment. This made me think of the phrase "the truth will set you free" which was a phrase I heard a lot growing up from my parents. I'm naturally a person who will tell people her thoughts, no matter the topic, perhaps especially if it's sexual. I'm not good at keeping my lips closed about my personal life with the people I trust at all. I wonder if I've adapted that phrase into my life so deeply, that it is why I'm always confessing things. I'm sitting here reading this porn fiction and when someone asks what I'm reading I get a thrill by telling them but it also relaxes me. So I'm just wondering if it's similar lol or idk, it felt like epiphany somehow lol


Is going to be Medusa for Halloween, but is struggling with deciding on her hair. Mainly how to get snakes to be in it without looking stupid lol
Been thinking more and more about going to college and majoring in Advertisement. Thoughts? Advise? Thanks!


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